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Can stillbirth really be prevented?

Some medical professionals believe that half of stillbirths can be prevented.  With better tools to study the unborn, this number could be even higher.

What causes stillbirth?

Birth defects, blood clotting issues, as well as placenta and umbilical cord problems are factors contributing to death in unborn babies.  According to the National Institutes of Health, half of all stillbirths results from pregnancy disorders and conditions affecting the placenta.

Aren't there plenty of labs and research facilities already looking into this?

Unfortunately not.  Although disorders like SIDS have been thoroughly evaluated over the past 30 years, stillbirth has remained in the dark ages, in part because the general public doesn't understand the devastating impact that stillbirth has on families who lose their babies.

Is there anything I can do to help?

Of course!  If you know of any expecting mothers, please encourage them to attend ALL prenatal appointments.  In addition, if she notices any changes in her baby's movements during the pregnancy, make sure that she seeks medical attention immediately.

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